2 Day Hike - Murray River

An overnight backpacking adventure designed for the beginner to overnight hiking. We will meet in Dwellingup 35 min East of Mandurah. We will be transported to our hike starting point on the banks of the Murray River.

Following this beautiful river, we will spend the night in our tents at the Murray River campsite where it’s also possible to jump in and cool off.

Day two is filled with tranquil forests, rugged trail and time to utilise your new-found confidence on this more challenging and a very rewarding day. We will be transported back to Dwellingup.

“You must step out of your comfort zone, in order to grow” – Didier

Hike Details

  • Length: 2 days/1 night
  • Distance: 25.3 kms
  • Transport: Own transport to Dwellingup. We will leave our vehicles overnight near the Visitor Centre.
  • Sleeping: Your own tent or equally adequate shelter. We will not be depending on huts for sleeping.
  • Campsite Info: Open huts, tent area, rainwater tank, tables, drop toilet, no campfire during summer
  • Difficulty: Grade 3

Meeting place Dwellingup Visitor Centre. Dwellingup Transfers to Driver Road

Day One Driver Rd/Bibbulmun Track – Murray Campsite – 14.2km

Day Two Murray Campsite – Yarragil Form/River Road – 11.1km

Return with Dwellingup Transfers to Dwellingup

Why With Didier Walks?

  • Pre-hike group meeting (Zoom)
  • Pack Shakedown one-on-one (Zoom)
  • Post hike Duke Of Ed assessment report
  • Personal mentoring during the hike (on request)
  • A guide with 15 years of mentoring experience and completed his own solo hike in 2016 of the Bibbulmun Track.


Option 1 – Choose a date in the calendar

  • There are no scheduled hikes currently

Option 2 – Complete an Expression Of Interest and discuss your needs and goals with Didier


Private Hike from $420 + 6% booking fee (up to 2 people with private guide)

then $210 per person (upto 4 people), 5 people or more save 15%.

  • This hike requires extra transport which is included

4% of every booking is donated to the Bibbulmun Track Foundation.

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Expression Of Interest

Expression Of Interest

To book your own private hike, please share your goals with us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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