Didier reaching the south coast during his 2016 Bibbulmun Track end to end

Authenticity – It’s ok to be someone that nobody else understands


Hi, I’m Didier. This photo was taken the day I reached the south coast after hiking about 800 km of my Bibbulmun Track end-to-end. I had shared several weeks on the trail with others but really I was all alone. I really had no choice but to be authentic. “You are unable to feel lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.”


During my first week on the Bibb, I spent 5 days without seeing another person. This really tested me emotionally, challenged my authenticity. The situation was screaming to me “Be you!”. Athenticy is one of the biggest of lifes challenges, that hiking happens to help you overcome.


Now I can’t help but be authentic, even if it hurts sometimes. Being authentic is sometimes seen as selfish. But to be authentic is to be inspiring, a teacher, to be where you are supposed to be. Authentic people are feared. Authetic people are often called passionate. Passionate people are people who have found themselves.


Hike Your Own Hike


When you are hiking in the forest with others, the forest does not care what you look like, how you smell or the gear you carry. It also doesnt care about your attitude who’s fighting to be the same, not to change, play safe, be the same as everyone else.

Whether I am Guiding a group on the trail, Consulting someone with a dream to complete their own end-to-end. Mentoring during a three day hike, a person who has been struggling with their mental health. I allow each one of them to find and rejoice their authenticity. Hike your own hike.