Didier Walks Youth Hikes

During a youth hike, the first hour of each day is walked in total silence.

To encourage self awareness of how they feel physically and mentally. Others that walk with and across them. The environment and wildlife. Good morning to a kangaroo. Catch the sound of crushing leaves under your hiking boots. The Bibbulmun Track and Waugals you follow. Hot spots before they become a blister.

This awareness follows you off the trail. You’re making decisions cleanly, understanding others clearly.

Didier Walks is aware of their clients needs, authenticity and dreams. Government regulations and licencing. Health and safety. Didier Walks is aware of their own strengths, weaknesses and new ways of looking at things.


Didier is a student of the trail, everyone he meets, every experience, his intuition.


When your awareness is open, teachers will appear.