Connect and disappear
Don’t we all just need to disappear sometimes?
Some may tell you that you’re just running away. Sometimes running away can save your life.

If you run too far and too fast you may soon become exhausted and lost. Maybe that’s what I love about hiking for a few days or 2 months, I’m walking instead of running. It’s a pace that still progresses me forward at a pace that encourages me both physically and mentally. Carrying the pack, walking the distance, climbing the hills challenges you at first.
Everyone is in a hurry, to get somewhere, find something that they think they are lacking. Life is on a tight schedule, it’s exhausting just thinking about it. You must meet all these expectations!Christmas time is supposed to be a holiday, a break from work. I think there would be many people who’d tell you that Christmas time is more exhausting than going to work. Work carries physical and mental expectations, Christmas you can add emotional expectations into it, they are the heaviest of the expectations.

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While hiking I discovered that what I was chasing was actually here all the time, but I kept running away from it. Cause I was scared I guess. Nature doesn’t run, it just does what it does very naturally, without placing expectations on itself or you. It connects with you through every one of your senses.

So you never actually walk away or disappear, you simply connect to every plant, creature, others, self.


Hiking + Mindfulness = Hikefulness

I prefer to use the word Connect rather than reconnect. Reconnect has expectations, how can you reconnect to something you can’t recognise in the first place. Give yourself the time, space, permission to connect, recognise, assess, that’s all hiking is. Then before too long they all occur at exactly the same time. And finally you actually see it happening to you, you witness your own transition, I get tingles just writing it.

Carrying the pack, walking the distance, climbing the hills challenges you at first, then it doesn’t because you’re connected to them.

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