Guided Hiking

Guided hikes are available for everyone, from lengths of half-day to as long as you like. Hiking also is overlapped by consulting, what better way to learn than while hiking or sitting on a ledge overlooking the everlasting forest.

Every guided hike is designed with an intention to empower individuals within a small like-minded or peer group.


Group Hike

An awe-inspiring, healthy and fun activity outdoors that you can share with your friends, family, colleagues. Join in with one of our planned day hikes or multi-day backpacking hikes or let us tailor-make a hike at a time and structure that meets your needs.

I have had the privilege to take three generations of men from the same family on a weekend hike. A group of teenage girls who were all part of the Duke Of Edinburgh Award. 

  • With friends
  • School event
  • Off-season sports club fitness
  • Work team building, confidence building
  • Family bonding



Personal Hike

Do you need some me time in some awe-inspiring wilderness?

Or you have always hiked in a group and would like to solo hike but you need some support to reach this dream.

The opportunity to plan a tailor-made and guide a journey with an individual who is on the verge of change is truly a privilege.

Mentoring a young hiker who had always been in a group but needed some encouragement to solo hike. A young lady who works in a stressful and demanding job that needs the peace and presence that backpacking in nature can offer with a guide there when she needs them. 


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