Welcome To Didier Walks - Lets Go Hiking

Hiking can transform you physically, mentally and your soul if you allow it. Physically by burning calories, making you stronger and in doing so creating new muscle memory that lasts. 

It’s been scientifically proven that hiking has a huge positive impact on our mental health. The greatest gift hiking gives you is the capacity to be present. Being present gives you the opportunity to start again, break old habits and furthermore replace them with new healthy behaviour. The hiking/mental health relationship is something Didier is very passionate about.  

Your soul becomes one with everything around you. The action of hiking in the presence of nature activates your cells. The energy we find in nature is perfect, that’s why we feel so good. Therefore it is the perfect environment to transform your physical health, mental wellbeing, relationships. Didier Walks is a Perth specialist provider of Hiking, Multiday Backpacking, Consulting (self-guiding), Mentoring (mental health), The Duke Of Edinburgh International Award (youth) and Western Australia’s world-class long-distance trail the 1000 km Bibbulmun Track  

Feel Centred, Feel Great, Feel in Control

  Hiking, spending time in nature brings you back to where you are designed to be which is centred. Being centred assists you to take control of your mental wellbeing.The hiking benefits are extrordinary.  I have had the amazing opportunity to travel in my life to beautiful locations. Both natural wonders and the biggest cities in the world. But it has always been about how it made me feel, the experience over the destination. I am passionate and proud to be part of Western Australia’s hiking and tourism community. Offering everyone the opportunity to experience a Perth and beyond, hardly anyone knows is there.