Our Mission & Story

In 2015 my marriage ended, I was very overweight, stressed and burnt out from a job I loved in the disability and mental health sector.

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One day instead of attending a large family lunch I went to Dwellingup  for some me time. I discovered some hiking maps on the Visitor Centre wall. 

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Beginning the following weekend, I returned and completed a 2 km walk in the forest, the following week 7 km. Three months later I had some gear and completed my first overnight hike on the Bibbulmun Track.

One day in the visitors centre, I ran into two American girls who were hiking the entire 1000 km, my response was WOW! 

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In April 2016 I departed for a 1000 km solo adventure on the Bibbulmun Track. I overcame several big geographical, physical, financial challenges and burnt off 19 kg.  

It was about two thirds of the way through my end-to-end that I began to notice this huge self transformation. My weight, stress, burning out, self destructive thoughts, bad health was gone! 

I began to imagine how hiking could help others, the people I loved working with the last 7 years.

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In March 2017 Didier Walks was born!

Like hiking, changing your life around never happens in a straight line. It requires you to step off the trail you have walked before, into something totally out of your comfort zone.

Our Values

It is no accident that our Mission & Values were achieved from the benefits I have gained from hiking. I now live by them every day of my life and on every hike.

Whether it is yourself, your guides, other hikers or myself, it is my intention that everyone’s lives are touched by these values.

Our Purpose  

“A journey To Your Perfect Self”

"Without exception, our students enjoyed benefited from the hike and have agreed they would like to be part of future opportunities and ongoing Wellness Hikes programs. Feedback from the students about the program included the hike giving them a focus and something to look forward to and being able to meet and participate with other students who are experiencing similar thought patterns. Students also indicated they appreciated Didier’s role as their guide, the activities and learning opportunities he incorporated along the way and the effort he made to speak with each of them."
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High School Teacher
Always time to be ourselves

Our Mission

A Journey To Your Perfect Self

To live an empowered life with awareness, connection, authenticity, passion and respect for all beings. Through inspiration, education, planning and reflection. Towards extraordinary experiences that continue well beyond the hike.  

extraordinary experiences

Extraordinary experiences arrive through an open awareness, give yourself permission and the right to be yourself. Genuine passion for the now and connection for all beings.  

Our Team

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Didier (Magpie)

Founder / Head Guide

Didier Walks team - Julie

Sheldon (Sly Fox)

Kids Hike Guide

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Design / Media

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