Why guided hiking?

Professional expertise. Companionship. A different perspective. The reason why someone chooses a guided hike is personal and individual. It is the journey you take on your way to more confidence and experience, ready for your first solo adventure. 

Every Didier Walks guided hike is designed with the intention to empower the individual and small like-minded or peer group. Your empowerment is yours, so whether it is talking, alone time, walking ahead or making the most of spectacular views, it’s your journey. 

Guided hikes are available for everyone, from the length you want, your individual abilities. You may wish to begin with a walk in the park with Didier and work up to a day or overnight hike. You will surprise yourself.  Didier brings along many years of assessment, planning and mentoring experience within the disability and mental health sector. 

Hiking can be overlapped by consulting, what better way to learn than while hiking or sitting on a ledge with a view of an everlasting forest. 



Every direction is the right one when you’re hiking.


– Private Group Hike

An awe-inspiring, healthy and fun activity outdoors that you can share with your friends, family, colleagues. Join in with one of our planned day or multi-day backpacking hikes or let us tailor-make a hike at a time, structure and ability that meets your needs.

Guiding three generations of men from the same family on a 3 day Easter hike on the Bibbulmun Track. A high school group of friends on a 5-day hike completing their Duke Of Edinburgh Award. A group of grade 5’s enjoyed a day hike over Mt Cuthbert.  

– Private Personal Hike

Do you need some me time in some awe-inspiring wilderness? Or you have always hiked in a group and would like to solo hike but you need some support to reach this dream. The opportunity to plan a tailor-made and guide a journey with an individual who is on the verge of change is truly a privilege. 

Mentoring a young hiker who had always been in a group but needed some encouragement to solo hike. A young lady who works in a stressful and demanding job that needs the peace and presence that backpacking in nature can offer with a guide there when she needs them. 

– Pre-planned Guided Hikes

Check out our Pre-planned Didier Walks Guided Hikes


Didier encourages you to contact him on 0410 756 065 or hike@didierwalks.com.au about your hiking dream, he’s sure to educate and inspire you to take the next step.



“Didier has taken me on 3 hikes. One when I weighed 180kgs, 150kgs and 140kgs. He designed hikes that were relevant to my fitness level while challenging me mentally.
His encouraging words have stuck with me ever since.”