Lady happy to reach top of Mt Cuthbert during a Didier Walks overnight hike


An overnight experience on the Bibb is something special


The “Bibb” is what WA’s hiking community likes to call the Bibbulmun Track and this is a Didier Walks Bibb For Beginners Overnight Hike. Our very own world-class long-distance hiking trail that people from all around the world come to conquer.   

It starts with a backpack on your back, the first step, a little butterfly in your tummy. You’ve made a choice to be amazing.

Take yourself away from the world as you now know it, towards a place where you feel fearless.  A place that encourages you to be open and curious about everything that is around you.

Welcome to this short and powerful beginner’s overnight backpacking adventure. We are all beginners at the start of any journey. You are about to step out of your comfort zone, to a place where most do not dare. 


The benefits of multi-day hiking are so extraordinary that the scenery is a bonus


Leave the person you thought you were behind, take on a trail name. Follow the Waugal through a wild and beautiful forest. Conquer that hill and the scenery will take your breath away. The view of yourself is life-changing.


Take a dip in our majestic Murray River – Enjoy a sunset over the Helena Valley – Conquer Mt Cuthbert to a place that has been described as a spiritual experience  


You will rest, recover in your own tent at one of the beautifully situated Bibbulmun campsites. Share a campfire, learn more about the food your mind and body needs. Share the experience with others and contribute to their experience, contribute to my experience, it would be my privilege. That’s what hiking is all about.


Be open, be curious, be fearless, be loving, be your perfect self


Who is this hike suited to?

Bibb For Beginners Overnight Hikes are best suited for people with some level of fitness, they already exercise in any physical activity and have some day hiking experience. It is still possible to participate and get a lot of satisfaction from this hike, but you may find it very challenging. 

Essentials you need

Average fitness, basic gear, determination, and a good attitude are all that is required. 

  • Backpack: Large enough (55 to 70 litres) to fit everything
  • Sleeping bag: A suitable Comfort rating for the season (5 Tips To Choosing The Right Sleeping Bag)
  • Sleeping mat
  • Tent (1 per or light 2 per) or suitable shelter Comfortable
  • Comfortable walking boots or shoes, a solid sole to take extra weight and rugged ground. 
  • Headlamp
  • Basic first-aid kit


Multi-day Gear List


**Limited gear is available for hire, see booking page and speak to Didier                   


For inspiration, more information and to book, have a look at the links below. If there is no hike running when you need it, please browse the calendar or book your own private hike. Contact Didier with any special requirements.