smiling young lady carrying a big backpack during a Didier Walks youth hike on the Bibbulmun Track


Dr Qing Li* author of Into the Forest – How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness. Say’s that spending 3 days immersed in the forest is the beginning of life long changes, you begin to heal. 


A Genuine backpacking experience

Genuine backpacking experience is offered, participants carry their own gear and food. Depending on the gear you are using, you can expect your pack to weigh around 15kg to 17kg. What you carry in your pack is the same whether its 1 or 5 nights, the difference is more food. If someone is unable to carry the full weight of what is required for the hike, a walking companion like a parent, friend, a partner can share the load. 

Gear hire: Didier Walks has limited access to essential gear for hire. Sleeping bag/liner, tent, backpack, sleeping mat, cooker

The weather

The weather does not affect a hike unless it’s too hot. There is no bad weather, only inappropriate preparation, and gear. A good attitude will get you through any storm, you will probably have fun. If rain is expected during the hike or running during the colder months, participants will receive tips on being prepared. 

New to multi-day backpacking

Didier meets many people in everyday life that dream of multi-day hiking, but think they can’t. While the Bibbulmun Track is no cakewalk, it’s a perfectly achievable hike for healthy participants with a moderate degree of physical fitness. Most people of good health underestimate what they are capable of walking and carrying, this is due to inexperience and carrying the pack incorrectly. It is recommended that you do some advanced training for a few weeks prior to the hike. Increasing your stamina and leg muscle will go a long way to enjoying your hike, this can be achieved by hill and step climbs with a day pack. Your gym stair-climber is a good alternative if you don’t have any hills nearby. Visualise yourself hiking with your pack, reaching stunning views and campsites. A hike’s difficulty will vary from the terrain and the distance of each day. Book Didier for a day hike or a Bibb For Beginners Overnight Hike

You may find this blog by Christina Lubbes helpful Getting In Shape For Hiking

Didier offers a good mix of conversation and time for quiet reflection – Mandy 

*Dr Qing Li is a 52-year-old Physician, he is the president of the Japanese Society of Forest Medicine, the vice-president of the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine and one of the directors of Forest Therapy Society in Japan.

Pre-planned Multi-day Hikes

Didier is planning more Pre-planned multi-day hikes from 3 days to currently a 21-day spectacular adventure from Northcliffe to Albany on our Bibbulmun Track. Private hikes can also be planned and guided for your group or yourself.


Multi-day Hikes

2 Day Hike - Two Peaks

A little 24 hour but a powerful beginner overnight hike from Sullivan Rock to Monadnocks Campsite packs in the stunning views from Mt Cuthbert, Mt Vincent, rich forest, and the Monadnocks campsite a secluded and hiker favourite.