Didier and Solanno during a 4 day personal Bibbulmun Track hike

“When the student is ready, a teacher will appear”

Mentoring builds on what is already good in your life. The biggest challenge we face to managing our mental wellbeing is allowing ourselves to be open to be influenced. We feel vulnerable and easily bruised. It feels much safer to stay where we are, as uncomfortable as it may feel at the time. Didier doesn’t believe he is the Mentor. Didier’s aim is to create a safety net by example with his own behaviour. Therefore, when you feel safe, you can step into some discomfort, therefore step out of your comfort zone gradually in a safe way. 

“Good mentoring calms and energises you, when you feel you can’t.”

Didier’s mentoring has evolved through life and professional experience. It is both structured grounded like the tree and fluid like the flowing stream. Mentorship is more than consulting; it’s doing it together on the trail. A Japanese world leading nature scientists who leads in recognising the benefits of spending time in nature. Has say’s that spending at least 3 days embraced in nature begins to make permanent transformations in a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


Didier’s principle for life and mentoring – “You can’t get hold of water by squeezing it. If you place your hand in the water and squeeze, you find you don’t have any. Only when you relax and let it flow, open your hand you will know what its context and content is. That’s the way everything is in life, relax don’t squeeze too hard.”


It is not Didier’s aim to make hiking your passion. Hiking can be a catalyst for your change into your direction.


The things that help the most are the things that are the most difficult to do.


Who is it for?

  • Managing and reducing mental health issues
  • More confidence
  • Solo hiking – “You cannot feel lonely if you like the person you’re alone with”
  • Multi-day hiking
  • Any age
  • Individuals, couples or small groups
  • Building a happier relationship
  • A new career direction
  • Your physical transformation – *Weight management
  • Can be in consultation and alongside your health professional support network.
  • You?


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A comfort zone is a beautiful place…but nothing grow there


The best way to start is for you or your support network to simply have a chat with Didier, let’s just start an extremely healthy converstion.


Didier Monot – 0410 756 065 – hike@didierwalks.com.au