Didier Walks Youth Hike

youth hikes

You have your whole lives in front of you. You will encounter exciting and sometimes unexpected challenges. One of the ways to a happy life is not bypassing challenges, but knowing how to deal with them mentally, physically and with soul, it’s a three-way partnership.   

Imagine a space where you learn to become more independent, flexible in your thinking. You discover a new level of endurance inside yourself. A place where from day one you leave your tech, exams, expectations and stress behind and you take on your own Trailname.


Time to recover and reflect


By walking and spending several days out in a remote wilderness. With all, you need to live is on what you are carrying. I can’t underestimate how powerful this is.

Walking is slower, it offers you the time to connect with your senses – look – talk – listen – feel- smell. 

But it’s not simply to nature that you connect with, it’s yourself on a physical, mental and soul level.

The first hour of every day, on the trail, we all hike in total silence…   

  It gives us two such amazing opportunities to be in touch with nature/wildlife and ourselves. “How am I feeling?” 


Moments of silence are encouraged at a campsite sunset. Everyone is free to enjoy the sunset, sit around the fire, eat their dinner, cuddle with a friend.


A young person will learn more about themselves on a three day hike than three months at home – Didier